There are many different types of airsoft guns, all with their own advantages and their own designs. Some airsoft pistols and rifles use battery power to propel BBs, other use airsoft gas. GoAirheads supplies CO2 as well as green gas for airsoft guns of all types. Many people enjoy using airsoft guns powered by gas because of their power since gas powered guns generally have increased velocity and range when compared to electrical ones.

This allows you to hit targets from a wider range, hone your aim, play in a wider area and hit your opponents with more force. If you are practicing with targets and working to improve your aim, or you are playing in a match, CO2 guns are often the preferred choice. Airsoft guns powered by gas can be designed as a rifle- or pistol-style guns, so you can use them as your primary or secondary weapon. We have airsoft pistol gas and airsoft rifle gas that is easy to use for guns of all types, brands, designs, and models. We are a full-service airsoft store supplying the best and most affordable gear and equipment, and we are airsoft experts. If you are not sure how to use airsoft gun gas or you are not sure what type you are looking for, we are happy to help. We outfit veteran players as well as new players, and we have the experience and expertise to help everyone find what they are looking for.

Based in Denver, Colorado, our airsoft store has green gas for sale and 12 gram CO2 cartridges. If you are not sure where to buy CO2 cartridges or green gas, we have a quick and easy solution. You can find green gas for sale in our store. Since our inception, GoAirheads has built its reputation by being a one-stop-shop for airsoft enthusiasts in need of equipment, gear, and accessories.

We have everything you would need, including airsoft gas for sale. If you have a gas-powered airsoft pistol or rifle, finding a convenient location to buy green gas is a must. Your CO2 cannister or green gas can put all of the power behind your BBs, and when you run out of gas, you run out of power. GoAirheads makes it easy to buy airsoft gas, including green gas cans or CO2 cans, so you will always have enough on hand. The gas is also easy to use, so beginners can jump right in and experts do not have to worry about time-consumer extra steps.

Our gas is also affordable, so you can reload at your leisure or stock up with everything you need all at one time. As airsoft experts, we only stock guns, gear, and equipment from the best, most reliable brands, and we apply the same principle to our gas. The Valken 12 gram single cartridge is easy to plug right into your CO2 gun, and it is made by one of the most reliable and high-quality names in airsoft CO2 guns. We supply Valken green gas for all green gas compatible guns. The Valken green gas is mixed with silicon oil, so it powers your gun and gives your BBs a hard hit, while also lubricating the gun and prevent blockages or hang-ups. The Valken green gas is good for up to 1000 rounds, depending on the make and model of the gun.

Click on one of the product names or images for more details on any airsoft gun gas, including CO2 cartridges and green gas. The specifications on each page can help you decide what type of gas to use and what might be best for your airsoft gun. If you have other questions, we can help. We take great pride in our quality products as well as our helpful, knowledgeable service, and we are always happy to help players of all ages get into the sport and improve their game.

We are happy to help family members find equipment to keep their loved ones safe. If you are purchasing green gas or CO2 canisters for a friend or family member, we can help you find the right selection and make your gift a hit. If you are new to airsoft CO2 guns and you are not sure how to use your canister or green gas, we provide you with helpful instructions. Stop by our shop in Denver, Colorado, and we can walk you through the process and provide you with more details on the canisters, green gas, guns or any other equipment or accessories.

If you are ordering online and you have other questions, send us a message or give us a call at 303-495-3233, and we can give you more details on any item or answer any questions you may have.