Airsoft Guns

Your airsoft guns are the most important pieces in your airsoft collection. Whether you are playing in close combat, military simulations, historical reenactments, on the field or target shooting, GoAirheads is the place to turn to when you need a reliable airsoft gun. As an airsoft gun store, we offer a bevy of airsoft guns for sale, including airsoft pistols, airsoft rifles and more. Our airsoft gun shop based in Denver, Colorado, has rifles, pistols, handguns, bullets and accessories for players of all levels of experience. You will find one of the biggest airsoft gun stores in Colorado. Choose from a variety of airsoft weapons to suit your play style and experience level or find a gift for a friend or family member.

Regardless of whether you are new to the sport or you have been playing for years, we have airsoft guns for sale to suit your specific needs. To see our entire inventory of airsoft handguns and rifles, click on the image of the gun type that most interests you. If you are looking for an airsoft gun to shoot long distances in the field or for honing your aim, look at the airsoft rifles for sale. You will find a wide selection of different brands and designs in the airsoft guns store, including Apex, Echo, Elite, G&G and more.

GoAirheads stocks the latest designs and the most affordable airsoft handguns and rifles, so you can find the right airsoft gun for yourself or you can find a gift for a friend or family member. Airsoft rifles are very similar to real guns and provide a more realistic shooting experience, especially for military simulations or historical reenactments. Apex airsoft rifles are designed to fire quickly, prevent clogs and easily load and reload.

The Echo 1 Full Metal Red Star AKM has a full metal body with real wood elements to give the airsoft rifle the look of a real AK. For a lighter, more maneuverable and affordable weapon, take a look at the Echo 1 Genesis Viktor. The folding stock on the rifle makes it easier to carry and makes it a great backup weapon. For advanced users looking for a superior weapon to enhance their playing style, the Elite Force H&K 416 CQB provides an exceptional design and appearance that stands above other airsoft guns in the field. The G&G Predator GC16 provides an ambidextrous magazine release, an ambidextrous mock charging handle, and full auto fire or burst fire options to give you more freedom of use.

The G&G SRXL Red gives you a unique look with red accents and a longer barrel for more accuracy. Click to take a closer look at each of the airsoft rifles and see specifications of each gun and find the right one for your needs.

If you are looking for an airsoft gun for close combat, practice in tactical situations or military situations, browse the airsoft pistols for sale. The airsoft handguns from Elite, Combat Zone, ASG, Umarex and more closely mimic real handguns. Airsoft handguns are an affordable way to start using airsoft guns; they may also be a useful backup weapon. The small, compact size and sleek construction of airsoft handguns make them easy to carry and handle. The handguns are also designed to fire quickly and load easy, making them ideal for tactical situations. Handguns can also be integrated with mounted lights to use them at night or in dim lighting, lasers for better aiming or other accessories to improve stability or speed.

If you are looking for an affordable starter handgun or a secondary weapon, look at the Combat Zone Enforcer. If you are looking for a superior handgun to match your tactical rifle, click on the ASG CZ P-09. The handguns are compatible with .20 gram BBs and shoots at 330 FPS. Choose from airsoft handguns with a single or double action trigger system, slide locks, safety levers, a full metal construction and more.

You will find GoAirheads in Denver, Colorado. With a vast collection of airsoft pistols, airsoft rifles, pellets, sights and other equipment, you can find everything you need for competitive play, practice, sniping, target shooting, and more. Choosing the right airsoft gun can be a challenge and if you are not sure what you are looking for, the experts at GoAirheads can help you find an airsoft pistol or rifle with the right design and features.

If you would like to learn more about a particular airsoft gun or if you would like help selecting the right one for your needs and budget, contact us or stop by our shop in Denver, Colorado.