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Ares Amoeba AS-01 Striker Sniper Rifle Series

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The Amoeba AS-01 Striker Airsoft Sniper Rifle GEN5 is a bolt-action rifle featuring a unique magazine and cylinder system.  The shortened cylinder assembly reveals the breach area upon being locked back, making for a more realistic action.  It also features an incredibly robust polymer stock and forend, as well as a thick rubber butt pad on the stock.  The rifle comes with a 45-round magazine, the allen keys required for disassembly and hop adjustment (stored in the base of the grip), and shoots 400 fps with .20g bb's. Comes in a variety of stock colors - Black & Dark Earth (tan).

This is the GEN5 from Elite Force.  New for 2018, this is an official Elite Force product with upgraded parts that provide better reliability than previous gens.

For those interested in modifying the rifle, the inner barrel length is 550mm and it can use VSR-10 style barrels and VSR buckings. The Hopup chamber is proprietary and is a TDC style (top dead center).   Action Army offers an upgraded version which you can find here.  As for the cylinder components, it can use AEG springs, the pistons are proprietary but are metal and much sturdier than most VSR pistons out of the box. 

Overall, the Amoeba AS-01 Striker is a very unique rifle and makes for an awesome gun to build on if you'd like to stand out on the field.


  • Designed to be ergonomic and modular.
  • Includes the length of adjustable butt pads, replaceable cheek rest, and replaceable finger groove front grip panel.
  • 23mm clockwise threaded barrel.
  • Short stroked pull action.
  • Sling points for sling attachment.
  • 45 Round Magazine.
  • Comes in seven different colors: OD Green, Grey, Black, FDE, White, Yellow, and Pink.
  • Accepts AEG springs.
  • Takes VSR-10 spec cocking handle, hop-up bucking, and inner barrels.


  • FPS: 400 (.20g bbs)
  • Length: 1085mm
  • Weight: 4100g
  • Inner Barrel: 6.03mm
  • Inner Barrel Length: 550mm
  • Magazine Capacity: 45 Rounds
  • Power Source: Spring Powered
  • Blowback: None
  • Shooting Modes: Semi Only
  • Hop-up: Adjustable by hex key on the top rail.
  • Magazine Compatibility: ARES Long or Short 45 Rnd Magazine.
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