Avalon Saber Carbine Gen2 VR16 M4  Elite Force/VFC

Avalon Saber Carbine Gen2 VR16 M4 Elite Force/VFC

BOL NiMh Battery Smart Charger for Airsoft/RC

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  • Charge NiMh batteries by zero delta voltage technology
  • High-speed sampling of negative delta voltage
  • Zero delta voltage detection cutoff circuit with integrated MOSFET control for peak charge detection
  • Cut off circuit with MOSFET control for peak detection
  • Pulsation charge method to prevent overcharge and overheat
  • Auto-detect switching charge mode for Ni-MH battery. Charge the battery pack with a combination 4~8 cells
  • 3 LED indicators for SLOW CHARGE, FAST CHARGE, and POWER.
  • Auto-detect battery pack number of cells. Reverse polarity protection system
  • Trickle current (0.1A0 after fast charge mode finished
  • 13A fused input protection. 4 cm cooling fan
  • Build in auto-switching power supply with input 100-240V AC
  • A reliable, high-quality smart charger for your NiCd / NiMh battery packs. Not for charging lipo battery packs.Manufacturer: BOL


  • Input Voltage: AC 100v ~ 200v
  • Battery Voltage Range: 4.8v - 9.6v
  • Charging Current: 0.5A - 4.0A
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