Jack HPA Engine M4/M16 Version 2 Polarstar

Jack HPA Engine M4/M16 Version 2 Polarstar

Modify Hard Flat Hop Bucking

Modify Hard Flat Hop Bucking

Fusion Engine Gen. 3 For M4/M16 -PolarStar

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This is the newest version of the Polar Star PR-15 gearbox and the plug type you receive will reflect the newest model.

PolarStar Airsoft V2 Gen3 Fusion Engine Electro-Pneumatic Gearbox Kit
The PolarStar Gen3 V2 Fusion Engine takes place of any Ver. 2 AEG Gearbox as a direct drop-in. It is powered via a High-Pressure Air (HPA) setup and only requires a small battery (7.4v-9.6v NiMH or Lipo recommended) to power the onboard computer known as the Fire Control Unit (FCU). This kit comes with the necessary core parts to convert your AEG M4 / M16 to the Fusion System and can be used with other Ver 2 Airsoft AEGs by replacing the selector plate, trigger, and Fusion Engine nozzle (additional FE nozzles, triggers, and selector plates not included). HPA stabilizer and tank required but not included.

The Fusion Engine is completely adjustable via the FCU and by varying the pressure from the HPA system (90-120 PSI). The Fusion Engine Kit comes equipped with PolarStar's Blue Nozzle (FPS listed below). Optional Color-coded nozzles are available to be able to move the Maximum FPS Range up or down.

The Fusion Engine is compatible with AEG-style Hopups and Inner Barrels allowing the use of standard upgrade parts. A great thing about the Fusion Engine is that stripped gears, blown motors, fried batteries, and just about every other problem with AEGs no longer exist. Say goodbye to hundreds of dollars on maintenance and countless hours fixing your gun!

HPA system not included


  • 100% engineered and assembled in the USA!
  • Revolutionary electro-pneumatic Fusion Engine allows for an HPA setup in a compact space
  • Instant trigger response
  • Complete control of the system via the Fire Control Unit (FCU)
  • Adjustable FPS and Rate of Fire
  • User-adjustable Semi/Full-Auto, Semi-Only, 2rd-9rd Burst, and Open Bolt and Closed Bolt firing modes
  • Consistent performance, regardless of the temperature
  • Fine-tuning of the nozzle dwell allows for accurate BB feeding with any magazine
  • Maximum FPS limit can be raised or lowered with optional color-coded air nozzles (sold separately)
  • Uses standard AEG hopup and inner barrel design allowing for AEG upgrade parts and the use of standard AEG magazines
  • Compatibility: - For use with most Ver.2 compatible gearbox Airsoft AEGs. M4 nozzle included, other Ver.2 nozzles sold separately


  • Nozzle Color: - Blue
  • Max Velocity: (0.20g BB @ 120 PSI)
  • 275mm Inner Barrel: 380 FPS
  • 380mm Inner Barrel: 405 FPS
  • 509mm Inner Barrel: 435 FPS
  • FPS listed is approximate. FPS will increase as barrel length increases
  • Rate of Fire: - 8 to 30 rounds per second, Adjustable
  • PSI Operating Range: - 40-120 PSI (Do NOT exceed 120 PSI, otherwise you may damage the internal parts)
  • Power Type: - High-Pressure Air Tank (Tank and Regulator System not included)
  • Package Includes: - Pre-Assembled Fusion Engine, FCU
  • Battery: - 7.4v-9.6v NiMH or Lipo (Not included).
  • Manufacturer: - PolarStar Airsoft

The Fusion Engine is a very low-maintenance, advanced system that requires a few necessary parts:

  • Airsoft AEG
  • HPA tank
  • HPA stabilizer/regulator
  • Small battery (7.4v-9.6v recommended. Can be LiPo or NiMH)
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